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Welcome to Gullett Counseling

I, Matt Gullett, practice as a personal development and relational counselor for couples and individuals in the Tacoma, Washington area. My hope is that you have arrived at this place, because you have begun to take steps toward a better life for you and those you care about. If you are feeling depressed, anxious, hurt, confused, or angry, I believe we can work together to gain a more complete understanding about your life that will offer you the opportunity to grow, heal and become healthier emotionally, mentally and physically.

On the other hand, if you are stuck and needing an extra boost in either your attitude or process towards work, career, school, sport or other performance oriented aspects of your life, I will challenge, struggle and dig deep with you to find new directions, avenues, attitudes and achievements for your life.

Whatever your hope, struggle, desire or suffering may be, I look forward to working with you.



As a counselor I work with men, women, young adults and couples who struggle in the emotional, psychological, spiritual, physical and relational aspects of their lives. In particular, I tend to work mostly with men and young adult men who struggle with relationships, infidelity, affair recovery, abuse, anxiety, self-esteem, anger, depression, and addictions (love/sex/porn, video/computer gaming, Internet, work, alcohol and/or drugs). In my counseling work with women we usually work on struggles they have with anxiety, depression, relationships, infidelity, affair recovery, abuse, self-esteem, trauma and sometimes addictions (work, sex/love, alcohol and drugs).

In my life experience as a father of three young adults and over fifteen plus years of working with young adults in public service, churches and as a counselor, I have a particular sensitivity towards what one goes through in their transition from being a child to an adult. It is a tough time of physical, emotional and relational change and often upheaval. Such a time needs to be met with someone who is willing to walk alongside and offer assurance, guidance, if needed, but most of all one who will listen to understand and care.

The long term commitment that we keep to another often is the most difficult thing that we do in life, but it also can be the most rewarding thing that we can do in our lives. I admire all couples who come in for help in their relationship, for a truly healthy and rewarding relationship does not come without some work. Maintaining a healthy and rewarding relationship with your significant other is a moment by moment, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly activity. People often put more effort, i.e., time and money into their children’s soccer team then they do in their primary relationship. Good, strong and healthy relationships take time and resources.