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About Matt

About Matt

A devoted husband and father, Tacoma therapist Matt Gullett’s primary goal is to offer personal transformation for individuals and couples who desire change and a life that is different.

Matt has a warm and caring personality and has a passion for working with clients who possess a strong desire to change and dig deep into their emotional lives, to wrestle with the good and not so good sides of themselves, and bring those sides out into the light for examination, awareness and transformation.

Matt loves to witness moments when people successfully make those transitions and transformations in their lives. It usually happens in small but impactful ways. In those moments, Matt feels honored being able to watch as an individual’s perspectives and understandings shift to affect his or her entire life.

Professional Training

Matt earned his Masters in Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. While Matt possesses a faith based spiritual background, his education, training and experience allow him to provide counseling that offers a deeper presence for people of all spiritual or non spiritual leanings. Matt is a committed advocate for anyone struggling and who wants more out of their life, whoever they may be, and he meets them where they are in their life.

Professionally, I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) in the State of Washington and a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) with the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP).

Diverse Background

In addition to operating Gullett Counseling, Matt has worked as a psychotherapist and manager at The Counseling & Learning Center of Catholic Community Services for three years where he provided counseling for families, couples and people of all ages. Prior to working as a counselor and manager, Matt spent many years in the fields of consulting, information technology and libraries. This diverse background provides Matt a base that allows him to better understand the pressures associated with many diverse and competitive careers. Matt’s familiarity with technology, especially video/computer gaming and the Web/Internet, also allows him to better relate with those of a younger persuasion or have interests in video/computer gaming, Internet/Web technologies and Social Media.

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